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Math Games to Play in Classroom

In the world of Xbox and PlayStation, learning is not easy. Math students are just like any other student. to encounter all kinds of distractions And with almost everything around us being digitalized. It was difficult for them to concentrate on the numbers…

…no right, math games to play in classroom, after all. There are many classroom math games that work and do not counteract students’ innate desire to play games.

Benefits of Math Games in the Classroom

  1. Math games in the classroom Cover almost every math topic. Keep students entertained no matter what the lesson is. From younger students to older students, These games run the gamut from simple concepts like addition and subtraction to more concise concepts like algebra and trigonometry.
  2. Teachers can use these games to make boring lessons more fun. Younger students can play as cute and colorful characters to solve problems. while older students become more engaged with the puzzles.
  3. School math games present the curriculum in a novel, different way. On the front end, it looks like a typical fun game. but at every level of the game Students are learning new concepts and new strategies that will help in motivating and engaging them in that regard.
  4. Math games and end-of-class quizzes can help students practice what they just learned during the lesson. This will help to understand concepts better and make The long-term learning process more productive.


Here is a list of 6 interactive math games for students to improve their problem-solving skills by overcoming fun math challenges. Just bring them up on the big screen and play with your class live or online.

1. 2048

2048 game

2048 game classroom math games, or even online games It’s just a wildcard on this list. It’s more of a puzzle game. But it’s attractive enough that students learn to multiply along the way.

It works within a grid of tiles. Each has a number that combines when you place two tiles with the same number. This game is suitable for students of all ages. but perhaps best suited for older students. Because it requires a unique strategy to try to reach the total number of 2048.

Although most of these methods work in mystery. But it undoubtedly increases participation in the class and can act as a great ice breaker. because students will have numbers in their minds for a long time

2048 is a free game and is compatible with Android and IOS devices. You can also play it on your laptop via the link above for better visibility in class.

2. Math Land

math land

Mathland is a math game for students that combines real adventure with learning. It features an exciting storyline of pirates and a quest to restore the natural balance of the environment using mathematics.

in passing the gate Students must use addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and counting to help the main character Ray navigate through the sections. of the sea to find hidden treasures.

MathLand has 25 levels full of surprises and challenges that help your students build core concepts with 100% focus and engagement. All the basic features of the game are free and compatible with all Android and IOS devices.

3. Math Monster

math monster

Monster Math helps kids practice math while having fun and having fun. through a well-designed storyline and characters

The game has students take on the role of a monster who must fight enemies to protect his friends. in passing the gate Students have to work under time constraints to find the correct answer. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to move forward.

It’s a simple game that provides simple skills. to compute and solve arithmetic problems in a time-stressed environment

4. Quento


When it comes to puzzles, Queento is a unique and fun classroom math game. Puzzles for students of all age groups. (but may be best suited for older students)

In Quento, students must complete numbers by adding or subtracting existing numbers. It works with simple addition and subtraction of numbers but, like 2048, works with sliding tiles around available spaces.

If the number plates add up to the target number Players will earn stars. When all stars are unlocked Players can go on to the next round. It’s a colorful and fun puzzle game with different math challenges and problems.

It is also a great logic game as it helps students to think on multiple levels at once.

5. Toon Math

toon math

Toon Math, Classroom Maths Games is an interesting school math game. And not just in the sense that Paranoia is similar to the popular Temple Run game.

In the game, the student character is being pursued by monsters. And students have to use the concepts of addition, subtraction, and multiplication to get away from it. especially Students will be given math problems along the way. And they have to jump into the lane with the correct answer to keep the monster running.

It’s a cute, interesting, and well-structured game. It is suitable for children from grades 1 to 5 who are learning basic arithmetic operations.

In addition to copyright infringement, There is also a perfect balance between adventure, fun, and learning. Temple Run is definitely not there.

6. Mental Math Teacher

mental math teacher

Mental Math Teacher, Classroom Math Game, as it is recommended, is a mental math game. There are no adventures, characters, or storylines. But this game has interesting and challenging levels. Each level requires new strategies and approaches to solve.

For this reason, it is best suited for older students rather than younger students. This is also true of in-game content. which focuses on a slightly higher level of mathematics Including logarithms, square roots, factorials, and a few other advanced topics.

The question is not very straightforward. They need sharp ideas. That makes it an ideal math classroom game for students who want to test their math skills and train themselves for more challenging math problems.